Supreme Season Finale (Season 1, Episode 5)

The first season of Relentless and the fall 2017 season of Supreme both draw to a close. In this episode, reflections about Supreme fandom and more stories from the line, including Maddy’s unexpected discovery of another fashion subculture; and Barbara Kruger sets up her own skate shop in SoHo.

Music by BSNYEA, Stripe By Tommy, Taj Mahal, Khalil Almighty, and Angel from Building Beats.

The Supreme Resale Economy (Season 1, Episode 4)

The demand for Supreme far exceeds the supply. If you are willing and able to pay extra, you can probably get just what you want -- from resellers. Depending on your perspective, resellers are either the heroes of today’s story, connecting customers to the things they want, or they are the villains, depriving customers of direct access to the merchandise. Whether friend or foe, are resellers fans?  

Music by Lawrence, Stripe By Tommy, BSNYEA, and DJ Synchro, from Building Beats.

What Is So Special About Supreme? (Season 1, Episode 2)

Our exploration of Supreme fandom continues. What is so special about this brand? How does it manage to inspire such interest and devotion? Featuring creative consultant, Curtains. 

Music produced by Angel, Taj Mahal, Stripe Like Tommy, and BSNYEA at Building Beats in New York City.