Episode 4: The Price of Responsibility

Relentless continues its exploration of ethical fashion through a behind-the-scenes look at the New York City menswear brand Noah. Founder Brendon Babenzien debates whether the clothes at Noah are expensive and explains the considerations and decisions that inform the brand’s prices. This episode also delves into the purpose of Noah’s ongoing campaign to educate customers about pressing social issues, environmental concerns, and the power of individual shopping choices to influence companies. Featuring Brendon Babenzien, Corey Rubin, and Beau Wollens. Music from Building Beats.

Episode 3: The “S” Word: Sustainability

Sustainability is a trendy label but not really an apt one for the fashion industry. At Noah, the team is concerned less with labels and more with how to reduce the carbon footprint of its work. Team members describe the process of switching to paper mailers for online orders and the response from customers, as well as the ongoing pursuit of a way to completely eliminate plastic bags from the company’s entire supply chain. Featuring Brendon Babenzien, Corey Rubin, Beau Wollens, Jasmine Young. Music from Building Beats.

Episode 2: Made To Last

Quality is a key factor in distinguishing between clothing options. But what does it mean for something to be made well and made to last? In this episode, members of the Noah design and operations teams discuss designing for creativity, quality, and durability -- plus sourcing mills and factories. And co-founder Brendon Babenzien recounts the key cultural influences that led to the creation of Noah. Featuring Brendon Babenzien, Vrn Powell, Corey Rubin, Beau Wollens, Jasmine Young, and fans of the brand. Music from Building Beats.

Episode 1: Streetwear Grows Up

This season, Relentless goes behind the scenes to learn about ethical fashion, starting with the popular New York City menswear brand Noah, a company that is committed to making cool, high-quality clothes that will last. But Noah’s mission is about more than clothes; it’s also a platform to promote the primacy of human rights, the imperative to protect the natural world, and how to rethink what we buy and why. In this first episode, meet the co-founders Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien. Music from Building Beats.

Season Two Trailer

Streetwear Grows Up in Relentless Season Two

Right now, streetwear is the dominant style in fashion. And sustainability is the concept being championed in marketing. But what does “sustainable fashion” really mean? And does it even exist? While the industry as a whole struggles to agree on common standards for sustainability, individual brands are setting goals and establishing best practices based on their own values. As the general public becomes more attuned to the negative impacts of consumption, brands have an opportunity to win customers through better practices. Featuring designers Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien from Noah, stylist Rachael Wang, and designer Mara Hoffman.