Male Voice 1: I had 100% confidence, even the first time when I failed miserably [laughs], I would do it again and it would work.

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Welcome back to Relentless, a podcast about the pursuit of farfetched ideas, unusual aspirations, or that perfect pair of sneakers.

Male Voice 1: It wasn’t like halfway in, oh, wow, it’s going to work. I knew before. 

At Relentless, motivation is put under a microscope to investigate why certain people choose to spend their limited time and resources on a specific interest. What’s it like to stick with something even when others think it’s foolish, or impossible? 

This season, we’re looking into the reality of ethical fashion, 

Male Voice 1: The amount of stuff we produce isthe problem. 

by telling the story of one brand, 

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Multiple voices: Noah. Noah. Noah.


Male Voice 2: Grown up version of streetwear, basically.

Female Voice 1: Reverse terries. Rich wools. Good texture and colors each season. 

Male Voice 2: Sometimes you want to look a little more handsome than hype. 

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In an industry known for excess and waste, can one company’s decisions make a difference?

Male Voice 3: To know that your money is going towards helping somebody or something or a cause. And you get a sick thing to wear in return. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Male Voice 4: Ongoing issue is poly bags in which our garments are packed in and shipped in for protections. They’re like the bane of my existence here.

And do the choices we each make for our own wardrobes actually matter?

Male Voice 5: You know,s how many pairs of pants do you need? 

Female Voice 2: Interesting when people say they’re not political or not into politics. Anything you do with money ends up being political.

Female Voice 3: We get conditioned into purchasing in a certain way. We can re-condition.

[Look Out At the Stars fades out; Winning back up and under]

Male Voice 4: It’s totally possible for these massive companies to make the right decision. People who spend their money have the power. Without the consumers’ time or money, companies are nothing. 

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